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The Shape of Things to Come: Luxury Cartier New Libre Collection for Ladies

“Stretched, shrunk, and transformed into objects of fantasy with unbridled creative license” are the bon mots Cartier Replica uses to describe its new Libre collection for ladies. “Libre” means “free,” and with these new additions to its Bagnoire and Crash timepiece families, five new watches in all, the watch-and-jewelry giant takes a truly freeform approach to some of its classical case shapes.

All designed in Luxury Cartier’s Watch Creation Studio in Paris, is the Baignoire Débordante, with a white-gold case surrounded by a radiating ring of open “petals,” topped off with sparkling diamonds and black spinels.

The Baignoire Infinie is basically a new take on the existing Baignoire Allongée Replica Watches Forum with the thin, curving elliptical case stretched into a circle and a minuscule black dial at its center. The white-gold case and the dial are paved with baguette-cut diamonds, white mother-of-pearl, Tahitian mother-of-pearl, and black spinels.

Shimmering diamonds and black spinels also intertwine on the Baignoire Etoilée, with a bracelet made up of suspended strands of precious stones that give the impression of black melting into white. The white-gold case, framing another miniature Luxury Replica Watches black dial, is set with double rows of the same stones.

The oval-shaped, white-gold case of the Baignoire Interdite is dominated by oversized Roman numerals, coated in shiny black ADLC, that wrap around its diamond-paved bezel like ribbons, partially obscuring the miniature dial in the center.

The new Crash Radieuse is the latest and boldest take on Cartier’s popular offbeat model, the Crash, which launched in 1967 and was inspired by an actual damaged Best Luxury Cartier watch. This version adds gadroons to the hallmark crumpled dial, further stretches the large, distorted Roman numerals, and adds a carved “shockwave” pattern in the centre of the dial. The Crash Radieuse has an old-school yellow-gold case befitting its Swinging ’60s origins and is the only watch in the Libre collection powered by a mechanical, manual-winding movement, Cartier Caliber MC 8970.ica New Libre Collection for Ladies.

Replica Cartier SANTOS DE CARTIER of large steel watch

In 1904, Cartier launched the SANTOS DE CARTIER series watches, with a breakthrough design and function, highlighting the modern style, became the watch watch enthusiasts prestigious popular watches. At the 2018 Geneva watch show, the brand updated this classic collection with the launch of a new generation of SANTOS DE CARTIER watches. New to wear comfortable, ingenious layout, and continuation of Santos de Cartier replica watches uk aesthetics as the core elements of the core elements. Maintain the classic design of the same premise, the new series of details, performance, practicality has been significantly improved. We take one of the leather strap steel models, for example:

More elegant and superior

The new watch in the case, disk, movement of the new best replica watches review has been updated. And added a new ergonomic strap / bracelet system, so that wearers can replace the stainless steel, 18K gold, calf leather or crocodile leather strap and bracelet. It is convenient for the wearer to start the replacement system by just pressing gently under the strap / bracelet. In addition, the metal bracelet with the “SmartLink” technology can be replaced without the use of any tool chain, you can manually remove the chain link, which is very convenient.

Watch the real show

Above the case to retain a series of classic square shape, eight screws and other classic design. Compared to the original paragraph square enclosed bezel design, the new timepiece bezel extends outward, and strap, chain connected to the bracelet and bracelet lines more harmonious.

Stainless steel crown, inlaid with a multi-section sapphire, showing the brand’s other landmark design. The crown is made of polygons, making the adjustment of the watch easy and quick.
Maintain the classic large Roman numerals, elegant, sophisticated, blue steel sword-type watch pointer selection, orbital dial, time is clear and intuitive, but also make the watch more modern. 6-hour calendar to replace the calendar display window, giving the watch more practical features.

The new watch uses the brand self-produced 1847MC automatic winding movement, the watch diamagnetic, waterproof, anti-interference, and basic accuracy can be significantly improved to show the new sense of quality. Unfortunately, dense design, can not enjoy the charm of the movement.

This section uses a blue leather strap reputable replica watch sites to cracks, blue line seam decoration, beautiful, stylish. Equipped with quick replacement system, only a few simple steps, can be strap, chain replacement.

Cartier SANTOS DE CARTIER series of large steel watch
Summary: This time, Cartier for high value and classic SANTOS DE CARTIER new series watch new charm, it is more modern watch design, more superior internal performance and more convenient way to use, so that New Cartier SANTOS DE CARTIER series watch once again revitalized the vitality. I believe this watch will have a good market performance in the future, the heart of the table friends, may wish to look forward to their arrival.

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